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Siddhartha Bank Limited 

Last DateLast SaleNet Chg.%ChangeHighLowCloseQuote
30/03/15Rs. 650Rs 152.31Rs. 665Rs. 653Rs. 665SBL

Listed SharesPaid Up ValueTotal Paid Up ValueClosing Market PriceMarket CapitalizationMarket Capitalization Date
15717983Rs. 100Rs. 1,571,798,300Rs. 665Rs. 10,452,458,69531/03/15

Company Announcements:

30-JAN-15:Siddhartha Bank: 2nd Quarter Financial Report (2071/72)
Siddhartha Bank Limited has posted group net profit of Rs. 329.743 million on its 2nd quarter financial report of the fiscal year 2071/72. >>more details
26-JAN-15:Siddhartha Bank: Debenture Allotment & Money Return
Siddhartha Bank Ltd. has allotted debenture worth Rs 500 million on 23 Jan. 2015 and refund money for non-allotted will be from 27 Jan. 2015. >>more details
11-JAN-15:Siddhartha Bank: 7.5 SBL Debenture 2078 Closing
Siddhartha Bank Ltd. is closing its Rs. 500 million redeemable "7.5 SBL Debenture 2078" to the general public from today 11 Jan. 2015 (27th Poush, 2071). >>more details
17-OCT-14:Siddhartha Bank: Upcoming 13th AGM
SiddharthaBank Limited has announced its 13th AGM going to be held on 9 Nov 2014(23 Kartik, 2071). >>more details
14-OCT-14:Siddhartha Bank: Book Closure
Siddhartha Bank Limited has published a book closure date on 20 Oct 2014 (3rd Kartik, 2071). >>more details
07-AUG-14:Siddhartha Bank: 4th Quarter Financial Report (2070/71)
Siddhartha Bank Limited has posted group net profit of Rs. 796.578 million on its 4th quarter finance report of the fiscal year 2070/71. >>more details
17-JUN-14:Siddhartha Bank: Issue of mutual fund
Siddhartha Bank Limited is issuing Rs 80 million mutual fund "Siddhartha Equity Oriented Scheme" at a value of Rs 10 Per units from 25 to 29 June, 2014 (11th to 15th Ashad, 2071). >>more details
03-MAY-14:3rd Quarter Financial Report (2070/71): Siddhartha Bank
Siddhartha Bank Ltd. has posted net profit of Rs. 363.561 million during the 3rd quarter of fiscal year 2070/71. >>more details
02-MAR-14:Annual Financial Report 2069/70: Siddhartha Bank
Siddhartha Bank Ltd. has published the annual financial reports with AGM minute of the year 2069/70. >>more details
03-FEB-14:Bonus share and cash Dividend Slip Distribution: SBL
Siddhartha Bank Ltd. is distributing 12% bonus share and 10.11% cash dividend slip from 3 Feb, 2014 (20 Magh, 2070) from Ace Capital Market Ltd. >>more details
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