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Date:Wednesday, April 16, 2014Time:12:59:03
Traded On: Apr 15
DateDividend, Right and Bonus Share Announcements
13-APR-14 Right Share issue notice: Shikhar Insurance
Shikhar Insurance Co. Ltd. has published notice of 2:1 right share issue from 13 April to 18 May 2014. More Details
12-APR-14 Right Share issue notice: Sagarmatha Merchant
Sagarmatha Merchant Banking & Finance Ltd. has published notice of 4:1 right share issue. More Details
11-APR-14 Right Share Issue: Sagarmatha Merchant
Sagarmatha Merchant Banking & Finance Ltd. is issuing 412500 units or 4:1 right share from 29 April to 2 June, 2014 (16 Baishak to 19 Jestha, 2071). More Details
09-APR-14 Cash Dividend Slip Distribution: Civil Merchant
Civil Merchant Bittiya Sanstha Ltd. is distributing 6.25 percent cash dividend slip from 13 March, 2014 (30 Chaitra, 2070) from Civil Capital Market. More Details
06-APR-14 Right Share Issue Closing: Butwal Power Co.
Butwal Power Co. Ltd is closing its 3:2 right share issue from official hour today. More Details
06-APR-14 Cash Dividend Slip Distribution: Grand Bank
Grand Bank Nepal Ltd. is distributing 4.75% cash dividend from 2070 Chaitra 26 (9 April, 2014) Wednesday, from its registrar to share Civil Cpaital Market Ltd. Kathmandu Plaza, Kamladi, Kathmandu. More Details
04-APR-14 Bonus Share Certificate Distribution: Mahakali
Mahakali Bikash Bank Ltd. is distributing 18% bonus share certificate starting from 4 April 2014 (21 Chaitra, 2070) at Ace Capital Ltd.,Kathmandu. More Details
01-APR-14 Right Share Issue: Metro Development
Metor Development Bank Ltd. is issuing 371000 units or 20:7 right share from 17 April 2014 (4 Baishak, 2071 to 7 Jestha, 2071). More Details
30-MAR-14 Cash Dividend & Bonus Share Certificate Distribution: Himalayan Bank
Himalayan Bank Limited is going to distribute 10% Cash Dividend and 5% Bonus Share Certificate to its shareholders from 20th Chaitra, 2070. More Details
27-MAR-14 Right Share Issue: Shikhar Insurance
Shikhar Insurance Ltd. is issuing 875000 units or 2:1 right share from 13 April to 18 May, 2014 (30 Chaitra, 2070 to 4 Jestha, 2071). More Details

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